Maggie & Ryan

Hey everyone! My name is Yakim and I am based in Fresno California! This photo shoot was held in downtown Fresno on top of a parking garage!

One of the things I loved about shooting on the rooftop was the mix of colors that were present in the scene. From the deep blues of the sky to the warm golden tones of the buildings and streets below, there was a rich and varied palette that made for a visually striking set of images.

The photoshoot on top of the garage in downtown Fresno was a beautiful and rewarding experience. The colors in the images were rich and varied, with the mix of warm and cool tones creating a sense of depth and complexity in the scenes. If you're ever in Fresno and looking for a unique and stunning location to shoot in, I highly recommend exploring the rooftops of the city's buildings – you never know what beautiful sights you might discover.

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